Breeder:      Victor Shiverskikh

                   Ul.M.Gruzinskaya 33-57



Wega was born in Moscow. I call her also Chitty Chitty, because she is very playful and flimsy like the flying car in “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”, the well known movie.

She is cuddling and very charming. In this way she is even able to bribe the judges J . On a first glimps she seems to be a princess, but then she also can be very ruthless such as hang on Hochotuschkas' neck and slowly throttle. When all the others are sleeping Wega still runs in and out of the house with her soft toy. She talks with her big eyes and her charisma.

Her grandmother is the sister of Mindal's and MoijOpium's grandmother. Wega has a beautiful long and slender head. I like slender heads……..