Mindal and MoijOpium

MoijOpium   *09.05.2001 -  01.06.2011

Mindal       *09.05.2001 - 19.04.2012


Mindal became his breed-permission on 15.03.2003

Breeder:       Vera Nurminskaya

                   Ul. Teatralnaya 8-46

                   Dolgoprudny M.O.

                   Russia     lives in Privorotije /Ukraina     


I both got them at the age of 17 month. Mindal und MoijOpium are brothers, almost twins. Both are of beautiful caracter, very friendly and charming. From aside their heads are absolutely similar. They also weigh the same each time I put them on the scale, although Mindal seems to be much thinner. They play together a lot and like each other. There is only one difference that I know for sure: the big thief is always Mindal!

There was a collection for a coursing-machine for Kiev's Hunting Club (Ukraina). I intended to send some money as well but forgot about it again. When   the same publication came up again, I “punished” myself by increasing my donation. Shortly after this, I got mail from the Kiev people telling me, that they wanted to give me their most beautiful Borzoi as a gift, and better still: two! When I got backup from the floor to my chair, I began to think a lot and just a couple of weeks later I was on the way to Kiev with Ginger, Ibolya, my RV and the coursing-machine.

This is what happened. Mindal, in the mean time has became the breed-permission.

Opium won't make it for already having had a bad place in Ukrainia. The breeder had to take him back. His ulna and radius hadn't grown at the same speed so he stands like a “ballerina”.I don't let him running coursing.

Those two boys have clear-cut heads I became a freak of. Mindal is the father of my I-Litter, with witch I am very happy! All are nice, correct dogs, with nice characteres and all have correct and full dentition with correct canini-stand.

Update 2012: Mindal is also the proud Grandfather from Dworjanin M-Litter. Thereout i have MoijMillion (i castreded him, so he is not going to Show), wunderful Mriya and also wunderful Maliyta. Mindal is also Grandfather of the A-Litter from Dworjanin Ivolgo, in Danemark, from Kirsten Bak Thygesen.  Mindal is the Uncle of Dworjanin K- and O-Litter. And the Uncle of other Litters in other Kennels (in Ukraina and the Nederland).

I am very thankful that i could have had MINDAL. I love him forever and he is alive in his Grandchildren, and hopefully later in his Grandgrandchildren.