*08.06.2001    Q 16.09.2003


Ibolya became her breed-permission on March 15 th 2003


Breeder:       Dr. Ágnes Koppány

                   Budai út 15

                   2030 Érd




Ibolya was my first Borzoi, child of my dreams, colour and design of my imagination. And she was my Princess, like the „Princess and the Pea“.

She knew exactly, that she was of noble birth! Of course! Only the exhibitions were some kind of strange to her. Head down and not to show her movement. She preferred to hunt hares.

I was after two breedinglines that attracted me most. One was the Kennel “az Aftab Faizabad” and the other “aus dem Zarenreich”. On the Internet I found the news of the covering of two of those dogs. The mother, Anischka, sister of Amur aus dem Zarenreich, that please me a lot. For this reason Anischka is also a beauty. And her father? “Javidov az Aftab Faizabad”. I knew from the first moment, that one female from this litter will be mine! Dober-Kopp Pannon Ibolya.

When the puppies became 2 weeks, I took the night train to Budapest. I decided for that little one. On the next day I visited Budapest and off I were on the same night train only to return again after 3 and a half more weeks, this time by car. And at the age of 10 weeks I went to pick up the girl of my dreams.

My female Belgian Shepherd first was ignoring the new arrival. And then became best friends.   Ibolya loved Ginger, she often cuddled with her and asked for love while Ginger cleaned her ears, flews and eyes.

And she was a ballplayer, she would run after the ball and always tried to be faster than Ginger. She loved all Human beings, even those who didn't deserve it. She enjoyed everything and didn't know of anything bad.

On September 16 th , 4 days after we shot the pictures for this Website, my princess was killed by a ruthless tractor driver and his trailer, a man without a heart, on a footpath along the river Thur, prohibited to any traffic just 5 feet in front of my eyes. Only then the driver would stand on his brakes, insult me and left without any help to me. Ibolya died in my arms just a couple of seconds after I pulled her from under the trailer. Her ashes are with us and her soul will watch our home. Ibolya, we never will forget you!