Female         became her breeding-license at 18.04.2004

Breeder:       Ludger Bührmann




I got Hochotuschka at the age of 6 month in February 2003. Her pedigree and the form of her head were very important to me as well as the length of her body. Her first litter is planned to be with Mindal. But this will take some time…..

Her constellation is Lion, what you will find out easily. She wants to be in the middle of everything all the time and she knows what she wants, although I want her to do something different. She thinks four times, whether she should do what I “propose”. And then she comes and nudges with her long nose as to say: Love me anyhow!

The meaning of ”Hochotuschka” is “the one that always smiles”,…….and that's absolutely correct!

And to run behind hares is her favourite sport…..and she does it with lot's of barks. She is not a princess but a wild baroness, and sometimes a clown.