Dworjanin K-Litter  *15.10.2008 - 17.05.2017

KOTOMKA              lived in Switzerland

                                          Cancer (malignes Sarkom)


                   2012, 25.March     Nat.Coursing Lotzwil/CH          Photos: Barbara Wickli / Christophe Blouet
                    July 2011
                    February 2011                           Kotomka at Snow-Coursing in Stubaital / Austria
         Only Plastic???
   Octobre 2010             KOTOMKA did made successfully her COURSING-Licence!                (Photo down:  with her Mother IMPERIA)
July 2010        with Mops Penny  
At Holidays   in August      Fotos by Barbara Wickli, thank you  
nonsense...     :-)  
6 Months old  
          with her husband Tasha....                                             ....and Big Chief...
4 Month old  
3 Month old  
5 Weeks old  
2 Weeks old  
1 Day old  
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