Dworjanin K-Litter  *15.10.2008

KATYENKA KIRA     is living in Hinterkappelen /CH


December 2011                                      Diemtigtal direction Rauflihorn/CH  
                    April 2011                                       Walking in the Swiss JURA
September 2010:  Doggy-Fun-Parcour  
Juli 2010:  On the Mountain....!!   Rinderhorn/CH  
                   June 2010:  Visiting the Church, going by the oldest Mountain-Train.....
              .....and going swimming at the Mountain-Lake at Brienz. Taking a Rast at the woody-chair.
Kira in action  January/February 2010  
                       Kira on Tour....   at the Water and the Mountains in Summer 2009
Kira at the "Dogweek" in Melchsee-Frutt, June 2009  
Kira, May 2009  
Katyenka called Kira is listen to her Mummy very well, and enjoy the sleeping-places..  
3 Month old  
5 Weeks old  
2 Weeks old  
1 Day old  
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