Dworjanin J-Litter  *05.05.2007 - 17.12.2014

JUBOTSHKA         lived in North-Germany



        2011 November                             with sister Jasnaya and mother Hochotuschka                  in the mobilehome with Jasnaya
they are visiting us,  2011 May,  incl. Cours-Training  
they are visiting us in April 2010  
January 2010  
Free Running..  !   November 2009  
first steps in her new Garden..    
             June 2009 ....  going to her new Home
Foto: with Foukssia (and Izum)
22 months old    
Coursing 2008,  she is back to me!    
10 Months old    in France    
6 Months old     in France    
13 weeks old  going to France    
10 weeks old    
3 weeks old    
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