09.05.2001 -  09.04.2012


Father of Dworjanin-I-Litter


April 2011 (Brother MoijOpium +01.06.11)                                         ---  09.04.2012  ---                            First meeting, MoijOpium and Mindal with Pavel Nurminski, Ukraine,2002

07.08.2011 Holiday-Trip Nederland                                                                                 Nederland/Holland

Holland                                                                                                                     Holland


January 2012, Mindal sleeping on my bed                                                   16. December 2011, Mindal with younger sister Imperia and Granddaughter Dworjanin Mriya


                                                                                                                                                     Veteran-Best-In-Show       Schaffhausen, 30.07.2011


M-Litter  09.05.2001: Amagamma Molva and Aspid (left:Mindal+MoijOpium 7Months old)                                       July 2002: back from Ukraine


  Mindal and Opium was the reason, i started to breed.

                                                                                                                        They have changed my life positively forever! Thanks!

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