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26.10.07: Dworjanin Jarow + Dworjanin Jerkay are looking for a new Home!

We where at the IHA Lausanne: Imperia did finish her title "Swiss-Champion". We are happy and very proud of our Beauty!

Also Atagora z Knyazhego Dvora have already 2x CAC. And she is Tricolor... !

26.09.07:  Dworjanin I-Litter : The "Puppies" are 2 Years old now!!! Congratulations for Happy Birthday! And we are very happy about all so very good places, they found!! Thank you !  New Photos from all them...!

01.07.07: Dworjanin Iriska have a new Home. She was showing me that she is not a dog for living in a pack. She always was stressed, not feeling well, not have her own opinion and she did not eat well. After two weeks in her new home, she feels much more better and she is well eating now, so she can stay there. Atagora, Foukssi and I, we are missing her very much.

05.05.07: The Dworjanin J-Litter is born! 5 Males and 3 Females comes by normal Birth between 05:45 and 12:55o'Clock. They are between 480-550gr. and all are well with them and her fine mother.

10.03.07: CACIB Offenburg/D: Dober-Kopp Little Foukssia received Exc.1 VDH in

Working-Class. Dworjanin Iriska is young, first time in Intermed.Class: VG 1. Its OK.

06.03.07: Hochotuschka was mated with Pervy Sneg, we hope for Puppies in May!

10.+11.02.07: CACIB Fribourg/CH: Dworjanin I'Tolstoi makes both days his

Junior-CAC, and now he is "Swiss-Junior-Champion" !

Izum makes Exc.1 CAC!

Imperia as always on place, Exc.3 and Exc.4.

Octobre 06: Dworjanin Iriska became "Swiss-Junior-Champion" !!

26.09.06: Happy Birthday! The Dworjanin I-Children are 1 Year old !

11.09.06: Dworjanin Igrock was at Show: He became Exc.2 at Landstuhl, and at Bad Homburg he became Exc. 1 under Judge Lisbeth Mach/CH. Congratulations!

09.+10.09.06: SBC ClubShow Dutzishuus/CH:   We win 10 Cups...!

Entered for CAC: 77 Borzois. For Coursing: 30 Borzois.

Dworjanin Iriska became Exc.1 and JCAC. Dworjanin I'Tolstoi became Exc.1, JCAC, and the Junior-BOB! Imperia make Exc.2 RCAC, Vaskes Wega Exc. Izum became VG6 (Cups for 1-6!). Mindal became also a VG.

For Couple-Class: 4 Couples at Start:. Mindal und Imperia became 1.Place!

Coursing Males: Izum runs the 6.Place. Combination also 6.Place.

Coursing Females: Vaskes Wega runs the 4.Place! Combination 5.Place.

Dworjanin Igorow was shown "out of concurrenz" and became "Excellent".

Judge CAC: Mila Pantaleeva, Kennel "Vega Shelk", Moscou

Judge Coursing: Inna Estrina, Kennel "Romanovs", Moscou

It was a very interessting WeekEnd, excellent atmosphaire, thank you!

26.+27.08.06: SwissCombiTrophy, Lotzwil/CH: Dworjanin Iriska became Exc.1.

Dworjanin I'Tolstoi became Exc.1, Junior-CAC and the Junior-BOB! Vaskes Wega make Exc.1 and CAC. Izum in the WorkingClass became Exc.1 and CAC...

Imperia became Exc.3 and Hochotuschka Raschi-Pack-Buran a VG4.

At the Coursing, 11Bozois mixed at the start: Hochotuschka 3.Place. Wega 4.Place with the same Pounds. Izum 5.Place.

For the Combination - S&L - Wega make 3.Place, Hochotuschka 4.Place. Izum was the only one - MALE - so hi win 1-Place S&L ! (With good Pounds..!)

16.07.06: Swiss-Coursing-Championship: 7 Borzois are at Start. For the second run are still 4 Borzois. Foukssi runns for the 4.Place.

Izum have better points and became the 3.Place . We congratulate to the

new Swiss-Coursing-Champion Molva iz Volnogo Vetra   owner Yvonne Hostettler!

24.+25.06.06: Challenge Argovia , Aarau/CH: Imperia Exc.1 CAC BOS, winns the Coursing and winns the Combination and is on 2.Place for Winner over all!

Dober-Kopp Little Foukssia Exc.3, Coursing 2.Place and 2.Place in the Combination!

Dworjanin Iriska became Youngster-BOB and Youngster-BIS1 !! :-))

Hochotuschka Raschi-Pack-Buran is running to the 3.Place at Coursing.

Izum is falling down into the water, search the hare and make last Place ;-)

06.Juni 2006: Dworjanin Ivolgo is going Home with Kirsten and Dina, back to Danemark. We wish him and his new Family all the best.

11.03.06: CACIB Offenburg /D: Vaskes Wega became Exc.2 RVDH and Imperia  became Exc.4, both in OpenClass with 6 exc.Bitchs.

11.+12.02.06: CACIB Fribourg/CH:  Vaskes Wega became Exc.1 CAC,

and Imperia Exc. 2 RCAC in OpenClass.

14.01.06: CACIB Nürnberg/D: Imperia became Exc.2 RVDH in OpenClass.

21.11.05: The I-Litter is now 8 weeks old. Two boys, Igorow and Ivolgo are still looking for a good new home. All pictures are new updated.

26.09.2005: The I-Litter is born. Dober-Kopp Little Foukssia did give us 4Males and 3Females. All are white/mahagony and all is well. Foukssi is perfekt mother.

10.09.'05: CAC ClubShow SwissBorzoiClub: Imperia became Exc.1 in Interm.Class under Judge Inna Estrina.

06.08.2005 CAC Donaueschingen/D: Imperia became Exc.3 in Interm.Class.

16.07.05 CAC Mammendorf /D: Imperia became Exc.2 RVDH RCAC. And Dober-Kopp Little Foukssia is in season now!

02.+03.07.05 CAC Lage/D: Imperia became Exc.2 RVDH and Exc.1 VDH RCAC. Her Brother Izum needs much more time to grow, he became VG1 and VG3.

11.+12.06.05 "Challenge Argovia", Aarau/CH:

Vaskes Wega Exc.2, Hochotuschka Raschi Pack Buran Exc.4. Imperia became Exc.1 JCAC JBOB and finish her title "Swiss Junior-Champion".

The Coursing-Winner is: Hochotuschka. Also, who did think that... she wins the Combination "Beauty and Performance" !!

16.05.05: Hochotuschka Raschi Pack Buran is the new

                Swiss Coursing-Champion 2005  !!!

07.05.05 CAC Freiburg/D: Dober-Kopp Little Foukssia received


17.04.05 Coursing Gossau/CH:We where very successful:

Dober-Kopp Little Foukssia was Winner of 13Borzoi-Females and also

the Day-Winner!

Hochotuschka Raschi-Pack-Buran was on 2.Place!

Vaskes Wega is in "after Heat", but she did have much Fun and was not

the last one ;-)

20.03.05 Coursing Lotzwil/CH: At start:8Females. 1.Place: Klingsor's Ochotna.

2.Place:Dober-Kopp Little Foukssia. 3.Place:Hochotuschka Raschi-Pack-Buran.

And Vaskes Wega did make her Coursing Licence!

12.03.05 CACIB Offenburg/D: Dober-Kopp Little Foukssia: V1 VDH RCAC.

Imperia became V2 (Juniorclass).

27.02.05 CACIB München/D: Dober-Kopp Little Foukssia became Exc.2 RVDH RCAC RCACIB. Her sister did make all and BOB!

Imperia did win with Exc.1 JuVDH Juniorwinner Bayern

12.+13.Febr.'05 CACIB Fribourg/CH: Dober-Kopp Little Foukssia wins both days with Exc.1 RCAC RCACIB. Imperia(Moma) wins both days with Exc.1 Ju-CAC Ju-BOB. Hochotuschka Raschi-Pack-Buran became Exc.2

Hochotuschka and Foukssia

23.01.05 Leutasch /A: Gate-Snow-Coursing, Hochotuschka runs to 2.Place and Foukssia to 5.Place. There where 7 Bitches at start. We had a lot of Fun, Snow, Sun; Thanks for this Organisation and the nice prices!

15.10.04 BSZ Dortmund: Dober-Kopp Little Foukssia make Exc.2 RVDH

02.10.04 CACIB Friedrichshafen: Dober-Kopp Little Foukssia make Exc.2 RVDH

26.09.04 Coursing Aarau: Hochotuschka runs to 2.Place.

Foukssia make successfully her Coursing-License.

28.and 29.08.04 Swiss-Combi-Trophy: Foukssia became Exc. in Openclass.

Hochotuschka runs to 4.Place in CACIL-Coursing.

14.08.04 CAC Kleindöttingen: Vaskes Wega wins Exc.1 CAC BOS.

Dober-Kopp Little Foukssia became Exc.3.

07.+08.08.04 CAC Donaueschingen: Foukssia is shown in OpenClass, she is 17months old, became VG 4 / Exc.

04.07.04 European Championship Coursing, Hotton/B: Hochotuschka runs Place 13 from 21, her condition is "deep after heat". But she had fun!

31.05.04 Coursing Aarau/CH: Hochotuschka runs for 1.Place !

09.05.04 ESZ Dortmund, Dober-Kopp Little Foukssia became Ex.1 and title

VDH-Europe-Youthwinner '04. Her daddy, WW03 Dober-Kopp Pannon Zoltan, and her mother, WW02 Oriana az Aftab Faizabad are happy. Dear Dr. Agnes Koppany, thank you for this wunderful bitch!

08.05.04 CAC Offenbach / D, Foukssi became Ex.2

01.05.04 Dober-Kopp Little Foukssia wins Ex.1 J-BOB at the CAC-Show Freiburg/D.

24.04.04 Dober-Kopp Little Foukssia became Ex.2 at CAC Rifferswil.

11.04.04 Hochotuschka Raschi-Pack-Buran did made her Coursing-License and did run her first Coursing in Hoope /D; 11 females did run, Hochotuschka wins the  1.Place !!!!!!!!!  My surprise is great and it makes me happy...

10.04.04 Dober-Kopp Little Foukssia wins Ex.1 J-BOB at the Easter-

Dogshow in Hoope /D.

13.03.04 Vaskes Wega wins Ex.1 Ortenau-Jugendsieger at Offenburg/D.

08.02.04 Dober-Kopp Little Foukssia is at her first Dogshow and she

wins her class with Ex.1 at CAC Payerne/CH.

26.10.03 New Female Dober-Kopp Little Foukssia comes to me.
Mrs. Edith Titze (Spirit of the Tzar) was kind to sell me Foukssi after she heard, what did happend to me with Dober-Kopp Pannon Ibolya. Foukssi’s father is the brother from Ibolya and she have a lot from her.

16.09.03 Dober-Kopp Pannon Ibolya is killed. Overdrived reckless by a big Tractor and Trailer, in the morning, on a riverway where it is forbitten to drive. 5inches in front of my eyes, and the eyes of my other dogs. The driver stopped, was telling me primitives and than he let me alone with my died borzoigirl in my arms.
A indictment is going on by my lawyer. I will let you know what is going on, at this place under „News“.

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