Female         Breeding-Licence since 18.July 2005

Breeder:       Vera Nurminskaya

                   Ul. Teatralnaya 8-46

                   Dolgoprudny M.O.

                   Russia               living in Privorotije /Ukraine

Imperia is a sister to Mindal, out of a repeat litter. Pavel Nurminski did send me 2 Photos, and I did know, that it must be to have this bitch ;-)

Quiet now the first Shows where very successful. The difference from the M-litter (they grow up in a skyscrabber in Kiew) is, that the I-litter grow up outside, in a little village. At this rustic land, where all is silent, where no playing childrens are on street, no traffic, and enough turkeys are for hunting.., it is not easy to do a special good socialization. Imperia is some more wild than Mindal, she have to learn a lot...but she do learn quikly.

I think, she love her "brother" MoijOpium over all. If he was spent the night in my room, in the morning Imperia goes to him, give him many many kisses, all over his head! :-))

To strange peoples, Imperia is still reserved. She show me her trust and love with some soft "feetpushings. But outside, she is wild, I think she was a jumping-animal in a live bevore ;-). She loves to jump in the air with all four legs. Of course, she do that not in the DogScool...

She is the same type like Mindal, same head, same colour. You see, there are still some Borzois with same type-same colour. They look like her Grandgrandpa from father-side.

I am lucky to have this bitch, she learn from me and I can learn from her. Thank you, Pavel.